Our vision

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The current emphasis in medicine on generic, curative and institutional treatments is a reflection of the state of the art in medicine, biotechnology and medical engineering.

But in the light of the new opportunities now offered by digital technology, we believe a new approach is called for – starting with the definition of new, clear directions for research and collaboration.

What we do

In terms of directions for research, our focus is on developing preventative measures that can be implemented in people’s homes, and treatments that are targeted and precise. In short, we want people to be able to take control of their own health so that they live healthier, more active and longer lives. Read more about our vision for medical research.

How we do it

In terms of directions for collaboration, we recognise that reforming healthcare in this way can’t be tackled by specialists working in isolation. Instead, a holistic approach is needed, one where connections are made across disciplines and organisations. Read more about our comprehensive approach to collaboration and how we’re putting it into action.