Interdisciplinary Research for Pervasive - Theoretical and Empirical Founded - Client-Centered eHealth Support

The field of eHealth is booming. Worldwide, but also within the Medical Delta. A Medical Delta eHealth Institute can strengthen the cooperation and help to achieve real impact. We are in the process of exploring the possibilities for such an initiative.

A major goal for the institute is to structurally bring together the necessary expertise and resources for the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.


Catalyse and facilitate eHealth research

  • Initiation (e.g., project acquisition)
  • Execution
  • Implementation and valorisation

Show quality (effectiveness, efficiency and safety) by sharing knowledge and resources on

  • Data processing and maintenance
  • Research methods and protocols
  • Facilities and instruments

Advance science

  • Connect insights and methods
  • Enable seed projects


  • Evidence Based eHealth & long term impact
  • Effectively promoting health
  • Work Site Health
  • Hybrid (e)Coaching & Blended Coaching
  • Wearables and Sensors
  • Personalised coaching & Smart Health Agents
  • Big Data & Predictive Modelling