Understanding of the complexity of life down to the molecular level, to define optimal targets for therapy and diagnosis, and create tailor-made drugs and probes.

Molecular and cellular technologies programme provides academia and industry with an integrated generic platform, centred around enabling technologies with the respective partners, to:

  • Acquire the fundamental molecular information of disease, elucidate the underlying derailed molecular and cellular processes, and provide the biochemical tools to identify new targets and synthesize new drugs;
  • Develop and apply molecular technology to model disease at the cellular to organ level, and also to restore cellular and organ function;
  • Develop and apply (sub)cellular technologies (iPSCs, other stem cells, exosomes) to stimulate endogenous cells or transplanted cells, a.o. using suitable model systems including organs-on-a-chip, for fast and successful introduction of new therapeutic approaches in the clinic;
  • Enable early-stage and pre-clinical drug discovery and development.