Explore future scenarios and develop solutions that will take us a significant step further in the quest for vitality at old age.

Our life expectancy has greatly increased. Most of the people who will reach the age of 65 in the near future can expect to live for at least a further two decades. The elderly represent a fast-growing group of consumers who will make their mark on the economy. Their needs and possibilities must be one of the factors we need to take into account in deciding how to structure our society in a range of areas including housing, healthcare, social participation, and leisure.

Research into vitality is attempting to identify the wishes and expectations of today’s elderly people in four important areas: work, self-management, housing, and social contacts. The starting point behind the notion of vitality is that we want to keep people healthy and active, so the research is aimed at what they need to enable them to do this. In many cases, the elderly will actually be involved in the research themselves.