Good education is one of the essential building blocks for a successful and innovative life sciences and health sector. The education institutions in the region, from vocational education (MBO) to university level, produce talented students who become active in the existing professional arena or who go on to become new entrepreneurs.


The Medical Delta region provides education in every discipline in the following fields:

  • technology and engineering
  • life and natural sciences
  • healthcare
  • social sciences

Specialists are trained at every level, from vocational education to university.

Talent development

The development of talent makes the region an attractive base for businesses and encourages innovation. Young employees contribute towards the development of new products and services in the existing business sector, but there is also a select group who will be carrying out ground-breaking scientific and other research. Others decide to pursue the path of entrepreneurship in order to translate inventions and innovative research into concrete innovations for the care industry.

Education Programmes

Clinical Technology

Advanced scans and custom-made 3D-printed artificial organs - it is impossible to imagine the healthcare sector without medical technology. However, these innovative treatment methods call for a new type of medical professional. Someone with both medical and technical knowledge, who can form a link between technology and the patient.    In this programme, you learn about medicine as well as medical technology.

Life Science & Technology

Can you alter a virus in such a way that it works like a medicine? What do penicillin, beer, and bio-degradable plastic have in common? How can you change bacteriaso that they will purify really everything in water? This is what you learn at Life Science & Technology (LST) in the joint TU Delft and Leiden University programme.

Molecular Science & Technology

Your food, your clothes, your beauty cream, your mobile phone and the energy that is needed for your home and for your transport - your everyday life is packed with chemistry. Do you want to learn all about the fundamental, industrial, and societal aspects of chemistry? You can do so on the Molecular Science & Technology (MST) programme offered by TU Delft and Leiden University, the only programme of its kind in the Netherlands.


Nanobiology uses the language of mathematics in the context of physics in order to examine the complexity of biology. A unique feature of the programme is that the strong fundamental background in mathematics, physics and modern biology is taught from the very beginning. The programme provides a thorough grounding in physics and mathematics and focuses on the biomedical and nanosciences.


A large number of education institutions are based in the region, each with its own specialism. As well as the teaching of a particular subject or specialism, they place additional emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Enterprising employees make the difference in companies: they are eager to learn and they see opportunities. A select group of students will become entrepreneurs and set up their own businesses – and it is these businesses that provide the necessary innovations in the market.

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