Medical Delta Newsletter

Medical Delta is a network of life sciences, health and technology organisations. Based in the enterprising Rhine Delta region of the Netherlands, we bring together a rich body of knowledge and experience, and act as a catalyst for health innovation and cooperation.

We welcome enquiries from organisations or individuals worldwide who have an interest in healthcare innovation and share our vision. In particular, we’re interested in joining together with others to harness the promise of digital technologies, new materials and techniques in the field of healthcare. For instance, we see great opportunities for developing tools and solutions that approach patients as individuals rather than generic groups, or which focus on prevention rather cure. We also see possibilities for using remote technologies to monitor patients in their own homes or on the move. Not only can such innovations be more comfortable for the patient, they can also be interesting commercial propositions and save healthcare providers large sums of money.    


To this end, we’ve assembled a dynamic (and ever-growing) network of scientists, healthcare professionals, bio-technologists, medical technologists, entrepreneurs and other partners. By facilitating interactions and cross-disciplinary collaboration within this network, we serve as a catalyst for practical, innovative and economically viable healthcare solutions.